Monday, January 23, 2012

Closer to Home!!

My pit at Reno - Lucky #7
I was going to start training today but decided the program can skip a rotation while I make sure that nothing is hurt.  I felt some pain on the outside of my left knee that I got shot before the National Senior Games, but I'm sure it's just from not jumping at a high level.  Even though it flared up it did not run out of control nor was I considering stopping.  That's amazing considering I had 10 meet vaults, three warm up jumps and a run through before my first bar went up - 14 jumps.  Here is how it looked;
Warm Up - 1 2 3
Run Through - 1
11' 6" - X
12' 0" - OX
12' 6" - OOX
13' 0" - X
13' 5" - OOO

Today my theme is "Closer to Home" because I am returning to my training roots, in a new place, that feels like home.  Though I grew up in Texas, I was obsessed as a kid with surfing, surf music and the entire California scene.  I had never been there but felt like I belonged there.  I went for a three day visit in October of 1978, came home on Sunday and moved there the following Wednesday and stayed 24 years.  I left for 10 and now I'm back for life.  People used to say, "I hear people from California are weird".  My response many years later was, "I don't know.  I'll let you know when I meet one".  Of course I know many native Californians but most are from other places and like me, enjoy the weather, scenery and people. 

The message?  I'm home - GET TO BACK TO WORK!!  And I will.  Thanks for your support.  Grand Funk Railroad - Closer to Home Live From Shea Stadium 1971 -

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