Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Vault Session!!

Anatomy of my many dings - ;-)

I made a random decision last night that I would blow off my lifting today and instead go out and do a low level vaulting session to celebrate my 59th birthday. I reasoned that since I had done a couple of simple demonstrations for the kids that I could use their 1360 and 1370 and play around a little.

Since I lifted major legs Friday and secondary leg lifts yesterday, I wasn't exactly sharp on the runway. In fact I felt super awkward until I got some rhythm going. I even missed the box on my first take off from 4 steps. My mind said I was at the box but my body didn't run fast enough to get me there. Not only that, I missed it again later with the bar up. Fortunately I was holding low and was able to bail out safely but DANG: not much of a confidence booster.

So disturbed was I by this lack of snap and depth perception that I went inside to get the extenders and put the bar at 6'6 " (2m). Why? One jump I'm off the back of the pit and the next one I'm not getting in enough to turn up and complete the jump. Not sounding too promising huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Moving on, I put the bar up at 6'6" and made it by 3' (1m), took down the extenders and moved the bar to 9' 6" (2.90m), the lowest notch. I made that two times and went to 10' (3.05m) and made that twice. The 1360/18.3 was feeling real little from 4 steps so I moved back to 6 steps (33' - 10m) and attempted 10' 6" (3.20m) on the 1370/15.6. I missed the box on the first jump. So much for confidence. All of the sudden I felt relaxed and in control of what I was trying to do technically instead of paying attention to the bar. I made 10' 6" twice and then made 11' (3.35m) twice, very easily on the second.

So my low level birthday vault yielded 9 bar clearances and two times where I missed the box completely and hit the back bun of the pit. All of this said, it was fun and nothing hurt. Yahooooooooooo!!

Have a great day and thanks for your support! Bubba

Living Colour's - Cult of Personality, which I'm trying to learn on the guitar tonight

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