Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bit of A Breakthrough

Bit of A Breakthrough

Today I jumped with my friend from Omaha, Chris Sidles and his brother Chad.  My objective was to try and cleanly get through the first pole from 3 lefts/6 steps/32' and get to 4/8/42' and try and get some shots at 11'/3.35m.

I started at 10'/3.05m instead of 9'6/2.90m, mainly because Chris did and I also felt it was the right height based on my clearance height in the last session.

Again I made 10' and 10'6/3.20m from the short run on my smallest 1360/18.0.  Didn't get in quite as deep as last time but it was close.  Moved back to to 4/8/42' and up to the 17.5.  Immediately the pole was too small so I moved up to the 1365/17.0 and made 11'/3.35m twice.  YAY!!  

I haven't made 11' in practice in a very long time.  I was hoping to at least have some decent jumps, but two clearances was a real boost.  My goal is to be able to jump that height from that run every day.  Knock on wood but I think I'm there.

Hopefully I can do it again next time and move back yet another stride and up a pole or two.  obviously the work needs to continue but this was very encouraging.  If this can become my new normal benchmark, I can build from it.  Have a great day and thanks for hanging in there with me.  Bubba

Saturday, October 14, 2017



Been a weird week of work and our my stepdaughter was visiting.  OK, last Sunday the headwind was horrid and I decided not to risk injury by jumping.  Good week of training and will jump tomorrow.  Thanks for hanging in there!  Bubba

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Waiting & Wondering!

Waiting & Wondering!
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Interested to see if I can vault every Sunday.  Pretty sore in the right hamstring this week but felt nothing before or after jumping.  I think it's either me over massaging it, or it's sore from deep hack squats.  It felt reasonably good yesterday during my running so we will see.  If I can jump this weekend, and then again next weekend, I think I'll be in a good spot.  Thanks for checking in.  Bubba

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fast Results!

Fast Results!
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Nothing happens overnight, but apparently my weeks and weeks of lifting sets of 8 have paid off when I decided last week to start moving my weights up with sets of 8,6,4.  

On a good day I could hot 8X135 as my last set for bench.  When I first tried 1X155 last week it felt heavy and I thought I would hurt my shoulder.  Yesterday I did 2X155 easy and got 1 at 165.

That's not a huge deal but it's a start.  On incline I would get at my best 4-6X115.  Last week I made 135 once and was thrilled.  Today I easily did 3X135.

Before I hurt my shoulder before New Zealand I could bench 2-4X175 but I've been nowhere close to that since.  My max was 205.  Suddenly it's looking like it's going to be possible again.

I'm having the same results on the other lifts where I also switched out of 3X8 and went to 8,6,4.  I'll hang in there and take it slow, but I'm feeling a lot stronger and my shoulder doesn't hurt at all.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jump Day!

Jump Day!

I've been feeling pretty good all week, so I was hoping for a good jump day.  Though we had a rare really crappy wind, I still jumped 9'6/2.90m, 10'/3.05m and 10'6/3.20m from my 3 left/6 step/33' run. I was on my smallest of 8 poles, a 1360/18.0 Pacer Carbon.  My grip was 11'8"/3.56m.

I was very pleased with my technique, especially considering I've been coming in light lately.  I'm eating more protein and will start lifting heavier, but this base training has knocked an easy 5-7 lbs. off of me.  When that happened before I couldn't get on my poles nor raise my grip.

The goal is to jump every Sunday.  Because of that goal, and the crappy wind, I didn't push my luck by moving up a pole from a longer run.  Hopefully next week will be a pick up from here.  Thanks for checking in on me!   Bubba

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