Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Practice!!

Bringing on the heat!!
After a big meet I usually ramp back up to lifting, running, bars, vaulting, etc.  For some reason today I felt good enough to just start where I left off.  All components felt good at the level as I was when I took my break for Reno.  Amazing!  I'll accept the good fortune and move on.

The objective now is to try and get two jump days per week.  On jump day one I'll start using my 4m/13'1" pole series, and on day two I'll go down to my 12'4"s.  My run will start to move back as needed to get on to the next pole.

With jumping as my priority I hope to be able to get 50 jump days in this year before worlds.  I bet I had 15-20 jump days all last year.  The key is to stay within myself.  Bigger poles take longer runs so I'll probably not see hardly any 2 left/4 steps jumps again this year unless I just blow away my first 12'4".  Good plan so we will see how it goes.  Have a great day and thanks for your support.  Bubba

Metallica - "Fuel" -

Saturday, January 24, 2015


My winning jump from Reno - 11'6"/3.51m
I did nothing this entire week while I was on the road for business.  NOTHING!!  I was trying to get well, plus just had no time.  I always schedule something away the week after a big meet because I'm too beat up to train.  I took some nice jumps on a small pole from 3 lefts until the headwind go to be too much!  Good to be back and still not hurt.  This is 10'6"/3.20m from 3 lefts/6 steps.  Have a great day! Bubba

I heard this today for the first time in years.  Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" -

Saturday, January 17, 2015

National Pole Vault Summit!!

I have the flu and it sucks.  Because of this I was a stride back and down two poles just to survive.  I won my pit at 11'6" and stopped.  Sick all day today but no injuries.  Small victory.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

Megadeth - "Skin 'O My Teeth" -

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Training Day!!

Had a good sled and stretch day.  That's it as far as training for Reno.  Anything more and I risk being stiff or flat.  Of course I will still stretch every day, but the hard stuff is done and I'm not injured!  Yahoo!!  Have a great day! Bubba

Great training song came on during sleds today - Metallica - "No Remorse" -

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rat Race!!

I was in Florida on business until Thursday morning so it was a nice phase break in the build up to Reno.  Ran sleds hard Friday, lifted legs hard yesterday and upper this morning.  Last sled day tomorrow and I'm ready.  I'll still stretch every day but that's a given.

I leave for Reno Thursday morning and jump Friday at 5:30.  All of our kids jump Saturday and then home Sunday.  Because I'm so beat up after big meets, I usually schedule a vacation or business travel the weeks after.  The week after Reno is Phoenix, Houston and NYC, home Friday.

I'll jump on my 13'7s/4.15m poles in Reno though I have not looked at them since I jumped in Grand Haven, Michigan in July.  We shall see.  Believe it or not that feels like a conservative plan as I am tempted to take my 14'1"s.  The goal is quality jumps and don't get hurt.  Thanks for checking in on me.  I don't always have time to post from the road.  have a great Sunday!  Bubba

Legs Diamond - "Rat Race" -

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I didn't lift or run after I jumped on Thursday, partly because I felt a bit like crap, but partly because I wanted to see how I would do today in a meet situation. 

On my 12'4"/3.75m poles I jumped 10' 1/2", 10'6 1/2", and 11' 1/2" all on first jumps from three lefts/six steps.  Moved back to 4/8 and up to my 170 and made 12' 1/2" on my 3rd attempt gripping 11'10". 

The first one was a bail out and the 2nd was a wuss out.  The last one I just said screw it and swung my butt off.  Easy clearance for a pole PR and I stopped there unhurt.  No more jumping until Reno.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for checking in!  Bubba

Red Rider - "Lunatic Fringe" -

Friday, January 2, 2015

Moving On!!

Another year and back to the grind.  I find so much comfort here.  I've corrected many people who think that pole vaulting is my life and what I live for.  If that were true I would vault a lot more. ;-)  Don't get me wrong, I WOULD vault a lot more if I could.  But these dings and recovery cause me to embrace the grind so I can jump again.  As I gladly welcome the "death" of 2014, I welcome 2015 prepared in every way.  Have a wonderful day!  Bubba

Pantera - "Cemetery Gates" -