Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jump Day!

Jump Day!

I've been feeling pretty good all week, so I was hoping for a good jump day.  Though we had a rare really crappy wind, I still jumped 9'6/2.90m, 10'/3.05m and 10'6/3.20m from my 3 left/6 step/33' run. I was on my smallest of 8 poles, a 1360/18.0 Pacer Carbon.  My grip was 11'8"/3.56m.

I was very pleased with my technique, especially considering I've been coming in light lately.  I'm eating more protein and will start lifting heavier, but this base training has knocked an easy 5-7 lbs. off of me.  When that happened before I couldn't get on my poles nor raise my grip.

The goal is to jump every Sunday.  Because of that goal, and the crappy wind, I didn't push my luck by moving up a pole from a longer run.  Hopefully next week will be a pick up from here.  Thanks for checking in on me!   Bubba

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