Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fast Results!

Fast Results!
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Nothing happens overnight, but apparently my weeks and weeks of lifting sets of 8 have paid off when I decided last week to start moving my weights up with sets of 8,6,4.  

On a good day I could hot 8X135 as my last set for bench.  When I first tried 1X155 last week it felt heavy and I thought I would hurt my shoulder.  Yesterday I did 2X155 easy and got 1 at 165.

That's not a huge deal but it's a start.  On incline I would get at my best 4-6X115.  Last week I made 135 once and was thrilled.  Today I easily did 3X135.

Before I hurt my shoulder before New Zealand I could bench 2-4X175 but I've been nowhere close to that since.  My max was 205.  Suddenly it's looking like it's going to be possible again.

I'm having the same results on the other lifts where I also switched out of 3X8 and went to 8,6,4.  I'll hang in there and take it slow, but I'm feeling a lot stronger and my shoulder doesn't hurt at all.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

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