Saturday, April 26, 2014


My late friend and orthopedic surgeon, Glenn Almquist used to tell me that when you first go out to do something new, the effect on your body is like sunburn.  If you go out again before the sunburn can heal, you get worse.  If you ease into it you can become accustomed pretty easily.  WELL, jumping works the same way.

I'm pretty beat up from my jumps the other day because I'm not used to jumping.  Since I need to get used to it I decided today I would give it a try on a low level.  I felt flat and sore but managed five clearances on my smallest pole, three at 11'/3.35m from 33'/10m run.

I would have like to have been able to jump on that pole from 2 lefts/4steps/22' but I just didn't have it in me today.  The bottom line is that I will not have the chance to jump again for two weeks, but can do plenty of lifting and running, so why not try and jump?

Superficially this was really a test to see if my body is in fact well.  If it's not then it would let me know.  Again I had no issues, even though I only had one day off between jump sessions.  The verdict is that I am in fact well.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Great Divide!!

A little sore from yesterday!
When you back off your training to vault, it doesn't take long to slide in your strength and speed.  That said, I'm about to have a 4-5 day stretch where I can't workout because of business/travel, followed by a week where I'm doing what I can from vacation.  HENCE, I just may try and vault again tomorrow.  Foolish?  I won't actually try it if I feel bad during warm up but it's worth a try.  These are small poles with one day off in between.  Long stretch today was very needed.  We will see if and how this goes tomorrow.  Thanks for being here!  Bubba

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blind Squirrel!!

Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a peanut.
I'm going away on a "family vacation" on Tuesday afternoon.  Before then I travel on business until Tuesday morning.  Yep! Going to be a tight connection. 

In any case, about five minutes before I went to the track today I reasoned that if I "were" going to try and jump that today would be the better day because if I run or lift today I won't feel good enough on Saturday or Sunday.  So I took my bag to the track.  I figured I would do five sleds and see how my body felt.  If that went OK and the wind wasn't horrible, I would try to get in an easy vault session.  Here's what happened;
  • 12'4"/3.75m/160 from 2 lefts/4 steps/22' - 9'7"/2.92m EASY.  WOW!!
  • Same pole I couldn't quite get in for 10'/1"/3.07m because I had moved my grip up.
  • Moved back to 3 lefts/6 steps/33' and made 10' but the pole was too small.
  • Moved up to the 165 and made 10'7"/3.22m and 11'1/3.37m very easily.  Couldn't get in at 11'7"/3.53m because I moved my grip up.
  • Moved back to 4 lefts/8 steps/43' and made it easy on the next pole, the 170.
  • Had two close jumps at 12'1"/3.69m.
  • Stopped with 8 total jumps, 6 bars attempted and 5 bars cleared.
Smart enough to stop with nothing hurting.  Now THAT was worth the wait.  My biggest hope was to clear some bars on the smallest pole and maybe get a take off with no bar on the 2nd pole.  When I cleared a bar from 22', when last time I needed 43' of approach run, I knew that all of my work was paying off.  Great control of my technique.  Overjoyed with the progress!!  Thanks so much for hanging with me.  I'M 100% WELL!!  Bubba

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moving Forward!!

In my last entry I stated that I felt I was turning the corner on this inside leg strain, and noted that once that happens things get better pretty fast.  WOW!!  Today I ran my 10 sleds and felt I could have easily run at least 30% harder without an issue. Of course I did not.  In fact I stayed probably 20% under what I absolutely know would work and everything felt great.  I will run these same rotations again on Thursday and Saturday.  At that point I have a little family vacation and will come back 100%.  It's like a giant breath of fresh air to know that at the eight week mark (out of the planned 12), that I'm real close to being well and at another level physically.  Thanks for being here and have a great Easter!  Bubba

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mt. Sac Today!!

Me and Shawn Francis yesterday at my house - click to enlarge
The Mt. Sac Relays are an institution in Southern California and one of the largest meets in the country.  I've got five kids jumping today plus I want to watch the elites with my friend Shawn Francis.

Quality lift this morning.  My body is feeling well enough to think about jumping tomorrow.  Of course that's all I will do is think about it.  I have a family vacation in 10 days for 10 days so the objective is to get out of town healthy.  Of course I will train hard while I'm gone but I'm far less likely to get hurt during vacation training than before it.  So caution remains the word and then I should return rested and 100%

Have a wonderful day and Easter weekend!  Bubba

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Almost There?!

Today I feel totally healthy like I could vault.  Once you turn the corner on one of these little strains it gets better really fast.  It feels like 60-70% of the recovery is just getting past the point where you can easily suffer a setback.  I'm there now, which is a very dangerous place.  I'll continue to exercise caution and try not to do anything stupid in my rejuvenated enthusiasm.  Otherwise felt very strong on lifting today!

I've had the pleasure of hosting elite vaulter, Shawn Francis this week as he prepares for Mt. Sac.  Unbelievably awesome guy!  Had a great time with tons of really enlightening conversations about pretty much anything.  Kick butt tomorrow Shawn!  Bubba

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trust Again?!

As mentioned the last time, I wrote, trust is the biggest issue for my body.  On my 10th stadium ramp during my last practice I felt a small flare rising on the inside of my leg but stayed under the threshold of the full flare or cramp.  Even so it was sore for two days.  Today I was even more careful and felt nothing.  I will need to continue being super cautious or risk another setback.  OR I can do nothing for 10 days and it goes away.  I vote cautious rehab over complete rest because it makes the muscle stronger when I come back.  All other lifting and bars felt strong as expected.  Have a great day and thanks for being here!  Bubba

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Monday, April 14, 2014


As masters athletes our life is a threshold.  Balance on that shelf without falling off.  And if you do fall over, get back on that balance beam ASAP.  Today I did 10 X stadium ramps after having to quit after four on Sunday.  Simple - I just went slower.  On #10 I could feel my leg thing sneaking up on me but I kept a very close eye on it and managed to hold it just below the threshold. 

SUCESS!!  NOW, the next time it will let me go a little further.  If I don't flare it again, it will "trust me" and let me go even further the next time.  And that's where I am - trust.  The first step was for me to trust myself to stay true to the threshold.  Baby steps bruthas and sistas, but I'm much further along then I was Sunday.  Have a great day!  Bubba

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mixed Signals!!

My leg does not hurt this morning ... I didn't feel it at all until I stretched.  Normally I feel it but walking, but not on the stretch.  That said, I think I dodged a bullet on a set back.  I could probably run easy today but I won't.  I will wait until Thursday.  Otherwise I felt very strong and my flexibility continues to improve.  There is a ton of running in my future!  Not a bad Sunday.  Have a wonderful day and thanks for being here!  Bubba

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Upon Further Review!!

My plan is going to be no different than the hamstring.  Hit it in the face everyday to the level I can without reinjuring.  It didn't bother me much at all today and leg lifts went great.  Step in the right direction.  I can be a lot more motivated to rehab it than to rest it.  As we found out with the hamstring, rehab is far better than rest.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

Megadeth - "99 Ways to Die" -  Not any statement on guns intended.  Just like training to the song and playing it on guitar.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board?!

Long story short, I couldn't jump today.  On my 5th and final bleacher ramp before I went to get my poles I felt the cramp on the inside of my leg again and stopped.  Pisses me off but not that unexpected.

I did this same thing in the early spring of 2009, got a strain in this seemingly innocuous place.  I kept screwing with it and turned it into an injury.  Because of that I'm cutting my odds right now by not challenging it at all for probably four weeks.  Considering that this is week six, and my plan was 12 weeks to great fitness, I'm still within my target area as long as I pay attention now.

So this weird type of little injury feels like nothing.  In fact you can't even remember what leg it's on and then suddenly, it's like a little "Click" and it goes off and the healing clock starts over.  Fortunately I stopped after one step of feeling it this morning so it's pretty good.

So was this a good move or was I playing with fire this morning?  WELL, last Thursday I felt it yet I could jump Sunday, only two days later, but it flared on my strides afterwards.  So I'm thinking if it felt fine to jump after two days then why not give it four?  Obviously not enough.

The plan is to go back to sleds tomorrow, even if I have to walk all 10.  I will slowly build up from there and when I can sprint with no limitation I will vault. 

I have a lot more to say here but I'm going to hold it and see how I feel tomorrow.  As always, thanks for being here.  YES it's frustrating but all I know is I keep cranking away at my other training, and therefore I keep getting stronger and faster even when I can't run or jump.  At some point the balance will return and I will be ready for big jumps. Thanks again!  Bubba

Aerosmith - "Eat the Rich" - - One of my favorite Aerosmith songs and fun to play on guitar as well.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hint at Maturity!!

This is a rare week home without travel, and the week I'm supposed to blast my body.  But I can't.  Well I can but I shouldn't.  I'm in that ramp up phase where I sometimes just overstep the boundaries of what my body is ready to take. 

Last week I had a little cramp brewing in my upper right lat from powering through bars with straight legs and locked hips.  YAY - I'm strong enough to do that.  BOO - I shouldn't have done so many.  On Friday I got a very small strain in my right side around my lower ribs from too much starting weight on my overhead straight arm reverse lat pull.  Nothing major but it's there.  Still don't know what the heck is the deal with this left inside of leg thing that would let me vault but not run three steps on a stride afterwards.  I'm stronger than my body is ready to accept so more ramp up is in order. This is only the beginning of week six of my 12 week "conditioning".

It doesn't matter what any of these things are because they are all manageable.  But one thing is for certain; they will do better with rest rather than me slamming them just because I'm home this week.  So I will do my abs and get in several extended stretch and recovery days and give jumping a go again on Friday.  Thanks again for all of your support and continued interest!!  Bubba

PS - I jump in World Masters Athletics on August 14, 2015 in Lyon, France.  Final World Rankings had me finish 4th in the M55 and 2nd in the M60 outdoors for 2013, and 2nd in the M60 indoors for 2014.  Schedule/Rankings just posted.  Have a great day!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving Forward?!

As planned I took it super easy on my bleacher ramps so I could at least try to do some jogging plants on the ground before anything flared up.  As I went to get the pit and shed open, I just had a feeling I might be OK to try to vault on a really low level.  I got my first new pole, a UST/Essx Recoil 12'4/3.75m/160 and started at two steps (one stride) or 11'/3.35m for my run length.  That seemed to go OK as nothing flared or jumped out at me.  I moved back a stride to four steps/two strides and moved the grip up a little each jump for a few vaults. 

Still being super careful I decided to put a bar up at 8'6/2.60m for the heck of it. I made it but didn't get in very well so I moved back to 31'/six steps/three strides and made 9'6/2.90m.  At this point I'm not liking that I have to try and run hard at all so I moved back to 42'/eight steps/four strides so I could just jog in and still have pole speed.  Made 10'/3.05, 10'6/3.20m and 11'/3.35m all on first jumps and stopped.

Here's the contrast.  I took five jumps and cleared five bars, the last being a foot higher than I jumped in Colorado Springs.  Then three steps into my 50m stride afterwards I felt that inside leg cramp and stopped.  Went to the gym and lifted regular medium/heavy weight load and had no issues.  Whatever it is I can vault and it will certainly go away.

My plan now is to try and jump Friday.  I figure I had only two days between my initial cramp and today's jumping and that will give me four days off it.  After that I have eight days until the next vault session, so progressively it will get better as I continue to ramp up my vaulting.

Finally, the new pole is OUSTANDING!! It is so thin and light it feels like a toy, but when it comes back it means business.  I love my Essx Recoil poles but this may be my favorite one right off the bat.  I shouldn't be able to make 11' on a 12'4/160 but this pole is so smooth to bend and responsive.  Can't wait to be healthy enough to jump on it from closer runs, and then move to the next two bigger poles!  I really think I can jump on the first one from 2L/4 steps and the last from 3L/6 steps and that will give me some serious blow.  Thanks Bruce Caldwell and UST/Essx!!  Bubba

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Yes it will come, but will I be able to run, jump and/ore lift legs?  One of the three?  None of the three, Two of the three?  I don't know but at least I'm optimistic enough to suggest jumping.  My leg cramp thing is much better so I have a shot.

There's a local masters meet today and I would love to go but obviously I can't.  I was thinking earlier in the week that I typically don't go to meets unless I think I'm in striking distance of jumping high. I don't like to go for practice or a subpar performance.  I I'm not ready I think I do far better by practicing.  Have a great day and I will let you know what happens!  Bubba

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Friday, April 4, 2014


Still have no idea what this leg thing is except that it's a lot better today.  Of course my lifting didn't really involve it, and it wasn't a real problem stretching either.  I'll go ahead with my regular Saturday lift but add some stride/skips tomorrow.  If things feel good on my stadium ramps on Sunday I will go ahead and try to get a few easy take offs.  If not I will just wait until the day it does feel good.  My guess is three days to two weeks, and though that sucks, it's livable.

Again, this was some type of cramp and not any injury.  I couldn't have been going more than 30% when I felt it cramping.  I distinctly remember that I got this a few years ago from heavier seated leg curls.  On my Sunday lift session those were too light so I moved them up.  Now I will drop them completely.  That's it for today.  Thanks so much for being here!  Bubba

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Pound of Flesh!!

Beautiful day and I'm off to vault.  Easy 1st stadium ramp and I think I'm going to feel pretty good.  Number two I feel something light on the inside of my left leg.  Halfway through number 3 and I have a cramp and have to stop.  No injury, just a cramp in the long tendon that goes from the groin to the inside of the knee.  Then I remembered why I quit doing heavy seated leg curls - THIS cramping strain feeling.  Will skip today's rotation and try again Sunday, which will be five weeks since the injury.  That said, new poles look great.  Have a fantastic day and thanks for your support!  Bubba

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