Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making Progress Little by Little!!

Today was another "jump day" where the kids were coming out. I meant to get there a little earlier but decided that if I jumped with the kids, I would jump less and probably not make my leg any worse. If you remember, I'm going on the assumption that I can very slowly ramp up vaulting activity. So far that seems to be working. Since my birthday 10 days ago, this was my 4th day to vault. I took the same three vaults, on the same pole from the same run, BUT, today was the first day that I felt like I could have safely taken a few more jumps before stopping. Next time I will start a bit earlier and try to get five jumps.

The two biggest differences right now are that I'm not as sore from jumping as I was after the first couple of days, and I am also doing my most of other training components along with vaulting. That said, I'm out of town Thursday and Friday so that means my next practice will also be a vault day.

If I can get past the next two weeks getting in a few more jumps in, then I can start thinking about moving up poles a bit or moving my run back. IF I can get through July on all of my 4m/13' 1", poles then August I should be able to start in on my 4.30m/14' 1" poles.  The difference then will be obvious as my practice start height will be 12’ (3.66m) instead of 10’ (3.05m).

Not massive improvement but it's some momentum I can build off of. Jumping four times in 10 days is what I'm looking for. Have a great holiday and thanks for your support. Bubba

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