Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Goes On!!

As I return to my roots blog, I come with eyes wide open from a very long and challenging year.  For the first six months of the year I had weekly business travel yet somehow managed to progress with my vaulting and associated training. I had business expansion and challenges that had me questioning the time I did spend on vaulting. The goal of two medals at two world championships dissolved before my eyes when I failed to clear a height in Brazil. That all said, it's time to move forward. 
My most pressing mission is to get 13' indoors and out as only one person in history has presently done this. Since I went without any significant injury for most of the year I don't want to change too much of my training approach. It worked but I was too light. Regaining my muscle mass, more high bar and continued sleds should get me where I need to be. 
Jan Johnson told me that 1' can be gained by losing 10 lbs. Of course when he told me this I weighed 180. Dropping from 170 to 160 took me from 13'1" in February to 12'4" by June because I had lost the critical mass to hit big poles. Even though I was still strong I just couldn't move big poles and that became a real problem. My best vault weight my entire career has been 168-171 and that's where I'm heading. It shouldn't be that hard. Resuming my normal lifting patterns will play a big role and I won't be on such a restrictive diet. 
It's hard to explain the mental and emotional anguish that goes into shipping poles internationally. They arrived the night before the World Masters Games in Torino and never arrived in Brazil. Because my stated goal is to get an indoor and outdoor 13', which would make me only the 2nd 60 year old in history to accomplish this, I will skip all of the big meets and just go to ones that have good conditions. 
Finally, I recommit to you all and this blog. Because of my work schedule, and the depth of explanation needed to explain my plans, I failed you and me with very short blog entries. I'm going back to taking the time to let you know what I am planning, thinking and why. I owe that to you and me. So welcome back! Let's get to work! Bubba
My next big international meet is plan to attend at this moment is the World Masters Athletic Championships in Perth, Australia in 2016, though I may consider Lyon, France in 2014. Here is a great song for that goal by some men from down under. - Men at Work -

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