Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Setback!!

I jumped in the Nevada Senior Games today and by all measures, to most people's view, it would be fair to say it seemed to be a complete disaster.  I took my smallest poles and was going to start real low to protect me leg.  That's the only good news of the day; my leg felt awesome from all of the running and lifting.

I made 10' easy from 2 lefts/4 steps from 22' in warm up twice.  Both Don and Brad told me the pole was way too small.  I took one on the next pole and it felt about right so I sat and waited to jump.  The fact that the 2nd pole worked from 2/4 was a big surprise since it's normally a little big from that run.  Everything is looking and feeling awesome at this point.

As the bar creeped up I decided to start at 10' rather than 9'6".  I was a little afraid the 1st pole would be too little, and the 2nd one might make me press, so I decided to move back to 3/6/33' and move up a pole.  The 3rd pole is a big pole from 3/6 but I felt good so why not.  I have made both 11'6" and 11'8" on it so 10' should be a "easy safety" jump.

My 1st of two free "run-throughs" without the bar felt good, and my 2nd one I nailed the jump and went straight up the pole.  The bar goes up, I punch my left hand up and squeeze and crank back and drive my left leg up the pole.  Though I cleared it by 2', I got a little strain in the top of my shoulder when I punched my hand up.  Just like that my day was over. S&%T!!!  ONE JUMP!!

So I'm NOT happy but on the other hand, I have not lifted upper for over two weeks because I was letting this little rotator cuff clear up.  I did not feel the rotator cuff at all so that's good.  My plan was to come back from this meet and start ramping my upper lifts back up from zero.  I have had a ton of success by ramping up from zero with my vaults (twice a week before this ding), my running, my leg lifts and my bars.  The only thing left to overhaul was my upper lifting which I was about to start anyway.  Now it has to wait two weeks, but I will continue alternating sleds and grass running every other day, leg lifts, etc.

Bottom line is I would have preferred this not happen.  But I'm thrilled with my speed, leg strength and technique.  The reason I am is because I have already done to them what I am about to do to my upper lifts.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Bubba

Agitation today?  Yes!!  Limp Bizkit - "Break Stuff" -

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