Sunday, June 7, 2015

The End!?

As famously said in Seinfeld, "It's me not you".  After many years if keeping this blog I've for awhile now failed at my duties of keeping current.  Like many things in life, you have to sometimes let the past and comfortable go in order to grow and move forward.  I'm excited with new energy and hope, but it's a struggle to keep this blog up when I feel like I'm not giving my full effort to my vaulting or training.

The reality is that I have a huge business opportunity that I've been working on, and frankly it takes nearly all of my time.  My training can be considered as maintenance as best for the time being and I just don't think that's too exciting to write or read about.  If I get in the top five in France I'll be surprised and excited. 

I'm doing the best I can to hold onto what's important, and releasing the things that feel more like a burden.  I will continue to post here but not with regularity.  I think there's a link you can hit that emails you when there's an update. 

Speaking of updates, I jumped yesterday in Pasadena and made 11'/3.35m.  Not special on the surface, but my plan was to duplicate what I will do in France.  Yes I have been training but not jumping, so I was surprised that my start pole, which I thought would be too big was actually too little.  Yay for small victories.

The big takeaway from yesterday was that I cleared my opening height of 10'6/3.20m on my first attempt after a 90 minute sit without a run through.  International competitions do not allow run throughs so I wanted to mimic that.  Also first jumped 11' but at 12', suddenly my biggest 12'4 was too small and too short for my current abilities.  I haven't been on that pole and now I need to go to longer bigger poles.  Yahooooo!! 

I'll stay in touch when I have the time or something to say.  My next life after this business deal matures is the same as the previous one, vaulting and training and then you'll see and hear more if me.  Thanks as always for your friendship and support!  Bubba

Linin Park - "The End" -

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