Friday, August 7, 2015

Darkest Before the Dawn!!

Life has been throwing me some serious business, personal and physical issues, some or many of my own doing.  I take risks so I have great success and sometimes great failure.  I call it life.  So what else is new? 

Found out Tuesday that I have a small tear in my left hip (tensor fascia late).  My irritation was from the tendon rolling over a small bone spur.  So as bad as this sounds, I'm back to full speed in 10 days.  Unfortunately world championships are in four days. So I'm going to Maui Tuesday, the day I'm supposed to jump at worlds, and reset and reboot everything.

I decided a few weeks ago to make a move now to getting ready to return to elite training and jumping.  A review of my business travel indicates that we are highly successful moving deals along with our face to face visits.  That said, the delay between the visit and the actual start date is longer that I believe it should be.  The answer - don't travel until they are ready to start.

THIS puts me at home more and I can get more done.  Vaulting is not such the huge part of my life that training to vault is.  But if I train to vault, then when I do I'm actually at a pretty high level.  Example, I jumped 12' 1/2" in February and that finishes the year 2nd in the US (4th in the world), and was first until two weeks ago.  And that was with half assed training.  As the Jefferson's say, time to move on up.  Have a great day and thanks for being here!  Bubba

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