Saturday, August 22, 2015

Return to the Sky!!

As I train to move forward, I've been semi contemplating when I might try and vault again.  My hip feels OK but I wanted to be at a higher level of running and strength then when I last jumped.

I've got my partner in town on Tuesday, and I leave Saturday for a business trip, so why not jump with the kids this morning?  That would give me a good running, bars and leg lifting day tomorrow, and a big upper lift on Monday.

Result?  Headwind!  Four total jumps from 3 strides / 6 steps or 33'/10m run length, all clearances, four different poles - 9'6"/3.90m, 10'/3.05m, 10'6"/3.20m, 11'/3.35m.  The last jump was higher than the 3rd place bronze medal at last week's world championships in Lyon, France.  In a meet I'm from 6 strides / 12 steps.  Today I'm from 3/6.

I'll take it.  Great start!  Thanks for checking in as always!  Bubba

Van Halen - "Right Now" -

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