Friday, September 26, 2014


Been quietly and cautiously going about my business.  Leg feeling better but I'm still staying well within myself.  Tomorrow will be four weeks since I got serious about letting it heal and then rehabbing it back up.  Nevada Senior Games a week from Sunday in Las Vegas.  Very small poles and short runs for fun.

One thing I have failed to do on purpose is stretching.  I'll do some leg swing active stretches tomorrow, but me and my PT decided that was just another irritation I could leave out since it was so sensitive to start healing.

Just to show how fickle this is, today when I started my 4 X 100m I noticed that my right leg was tight in the same place.  So I actually had to be more careful not to hurt my "good leg".  By the time I got to my 4 X 50m I felt pretty good and quick with no pains anywhere. 

Earlier this week when I went to do my bench press I felt a pretty significant pain in my left shoulder.  It continued to bother me all week so I didn't lift again.  I'm trying to figure out if it is rotator cuff or just a muscle strain.  I will mess around with it a little in the morning.  In any case it won't keep me from jumping.  Have a great day and I will have more tomorrow!  Bubba

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