Monday, September 1, 2014

Need the Past to Advance My Future!!

In the rearview mirror I see both good and bad things that remind me of lessons needed to move forward.  I don't allow this thinking to drag me down but rather to remind me of the work it took for my successes, and the long road it took to climb out from failures.  Overall it keeps me from throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

My leg is not nearly as bad as I thought but I will stick to the same conservative plan I should have at the beginning.  Looking back, I turned this two week ordeal into a six week struggle and was on my way to doing it again.  Thank you history.

This is Labor Day and a time to celebrate the close of the summer, the momentum to end the year, and the hopes and goals of a new year.  I have never told the story I'm about to tell.  Ten years ago today I took my last drink of alcohol.  Strange day to pick considering I only had two glasses of wine that day. 

At that point in my life I had recovered from a divorce three years earlier, near loss of the bottom half of my left leg due to an infection following my second Achilles surgery, a financial collapse and other really fun things. 

I felt I had leaned on alcohol (red wine) a little too much to get me through the mess, so the decision was easy.  On that Labor Day, my life could not be better, and with that being the case, if I didn't stop drinking then, when would I ever? 

For the great majority that knew me during this time I'm sure you had no clue of my suffering, but I knew it, and those closest to me knew it.  Let's just say I quit at the top of my game!  Have a safe and fun Labor Day!!  Bubba

ACDC - "Have a Drink on Me" -

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