Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sorry For the MIA!!

When I'm grinding and not vaulting it's a little harder to remember to post a blog because I don't feel like I have anything new to add.  Then when I'm swamped with work like I have been, I mean to but forget.  In any case, sorry for the MIA.

After 15 days of not running a single step, I returned to 10 sleds today.  The good news is that I went very slowly because of how simple it is to ding this thing again, but I felt no pain during or after.  The bad news is that I'm now back where I started three weeks ago when I should have let it rest.  It was a little sore and I pushed it.  Today I did not.

There's a meet in San Diego next week and the old me would go and try to jump at a low level.  The new me knows it's too soon to revert to my past stupidity.  If I can run again Thursday and Sunday without pain, at ANY speed, I will truly be on the road to recovery.  Three weeks from today is the Nevada Senior Games where I feel I will THEN be ready to jump at a low level; not next week.

Good hard lifts and bars as all of my lifts are up to, and very stable and comfortable at my baseline higher strength levels.  I've done a good job of keeping my weight between 166-168 so I'm pleased with that.  I was afraid that lack of running or jumping may hit me hard there but I have kept it in check.

The progress should be able to now resume.  I will be careful and follow my rules.  I got this little ding by breaking them.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for hanging in there with me!  Bubba

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