Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ding, Ding Ding?!

Since I got two injections Monday, today was supposed to be an easy shake out.  Of course that means I'm going to try and jump at a low level.  Unfortunately it was 43 degrees this morning so I waited a little later to go out; 7:30 instead of 6:45.  I thought it might be a tailwind when I left my house, but NO - BIG headwind.  On top of that everything was soaked from our torrential rain.  How's that for a set up for disaster?

On my second 2 step take off, my foot slid across water on the runway and then stopped when it hit a dry spot, thus forcing me to fall into the pole with my step a full 1' out.  I felt a strain on the anterior delt on the left side as my arm pulled down to prevent me from slipping off and landing in the box.  Day over.

I did my ramps up behind the stadium and headed to the gym, again with my hopes and hear dashed.  Another *%&#%$^*(&%#^ DING!!!  In the gym, as I sometimes get, I decided to just go about my business and attack, and only stop if it hurt.  Surprisingly nothing ever hurt.  Did all of my bars and even lifted bench and lats.  NOTHING. 

Considering my delt hurt when I threw my fanny pack in the trunk of the car, yet  could lift without limitation, I think its OK.  But we will see Thursday, when I was originally supposed to try and jump.  have a great Sunday!  Bubba

The great Joe Bonamassa rocking out to ZZ Top & Led Zepplin live -

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