Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

It's Thursday so it's a jump day. Decided to start on the kid's 1330 to see if my anterior delt was getting better and had no issues at 2 steps.  Once the pole started bending it was really too soft so I went and got my first pole, the 12'4"/3.75m/155.  One take off there and though my arm held up I felt a little signal telling me to be careful so I stopped.  Next time I'll try the 1335 and 1340 and then next Thursday be back on my poles.

In the short and long run it's really pretty good things have worked out as they have.  I've got a good strong training period under me and just about doe with all of the crap feeling that accompanies the first to weeks of hard and consistent training.  I'm grateful!!  Have a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.  Bubba

ACDC - "For Those About To Rock" -

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