Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Practice!!

Bringing on the heat!!
After a big meet I usually ramp back up to lifting, running, bars, vaulting, etc.  For some reason today I felt good enough to just start where I left off.  All components felt good at the level as I was when I took my break for Reno.  Amazing!  I'll accept the good fortune and move on.

The objective now is to try and get two jump days per week.  On jump day one I'll start using my 4m/13'1" pole series, and on day two I'll go down to my 12'4"s.  My run will start to move back as needed to get on to the next pole.

With jumping as my priority I hope to be able to get 50 jump days in this year before worlds.  I bet I had 15-20 jump days all last year.  The key is to stay within myself.  Bigger poles take longer runs so I'll probably not see hardly any 2 left/4 steps jumps again this year unless I just blow away my first 12'4".  Good plan so we will see how it goes.  Have a great day and thanks for your support.  Bubba

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