Sunday, April 5, 2015

Anatomy of a Dog Crap Day!!

Frustration is high; probably the highest it has ever been without injuries being a part of it.  Yes I'm still unhurt but can't seem to get any forward momentum.  Everything I'm about to say is fixable, but the fact that I didn't pisses me off.  So this is not whining but merely me bitching at me because I know better.

In Southern California the wind comes off the ocean, but in the morning it's a headwind.  It's 50/50 going to be a hard headwind if you wait past an hour after sunrise.  Yes I can wait until later when it's a tailwind but it screws up my day since I have a long leg lift and bars afterwards. 

So I take it for what it is realizing I'll be down a pole or two and maybe back a stride or two in order to use a pole that's normally too small.  That's life and my choice.  I know too many people who train in tailwinds and then struggle in meets.  I would rather have it the other way around.

We have a brand new $20,000 pit and it was left uncovered yesterday and overnight meaning it was soaked.  So massive headwind and soaked pit; what a great start to my vault day.  That's OK as I need two vault days and I have the poles to adjust.

I start on my smallest pole and it moves easier than normal but I can't jump on it from 2 lefts/4 steps/23' because I'm now 158 lbs.  So I move back to 3/6/33' and "finesse" the pole and don't get in.  Then I hit it and go almost off the back of the pit. 

Grab the next pole and have a ton of height but I'm not quite in far enough.  After three jumps I see I've skipped a pole so this one should be stiffer because it is.  I move back to 4/8/43' and go up a pole because I now this one will be too small. 

Two crappily timed jumps and then BOOM - I finally nail a good jump. Next two are really good and then I move back to 5/10/53" and up a pole.  Can't time it to turn up.  The grip feels too low from 5 but the pole is to stiff from 4.  Can't take it anymore and leave.

I sit in my car contemplating retirement. I'm sick of no progress and all of this hard work.  Somehow I drag my ass into the gym and literally talk myself into every single rep of every single set as I almost just get up and quit about six times.  I made it and I'm happy.

I need to get my weight back up but I don't want to feel fat. Big challenge to make that happen but I will.  Have a great Easter and thanks for your support!  Bubba

Sheryl Crow singing my feelings - All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun) -

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