Monday, April 6, 2015

Fight Time?!

I've always said that masters vaulters train for big meets like fighters train for a big fight.  About 8-12 weeks out fighters go away to a training camp and begin ramping up to what they believe will be their optimum physical and technical fitness for the appointed day.  On 4/11 I will be four months out from France.  I'm training for it like a fight.  As bad as yesterday felt, I really feel like I'm making progress and I still have time to really improve.

In 1997 as I prepared for the world championships in South Africa, a friend sent me a T-Shirt of Bart Simpson vaulting on a bending pencil.  The caption said, "Shut Up & Vault".  During warm-ups in South Africa we had a giant headwind and everyone was complaining because they wouldn't turn the pit around.  I went down and cleared 4m/13'1.5" in my warm-ups and the officials loved it.  One guy from Slovakia was bitching the most and the officials started laughing, pointing at my shirt, and telling him to shut up and vault.

I need to find this inner fighter and shut up and vault. So I will.  Have a great Monday and thanks for your interest in this frail old man!  Bubba

Winery Dogs - "Time Machine" -

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