Saturday, May 2, 2015


I'm in the unique position to see an idea I created for a healthcare management services company, blossom into the largest deal I have ever participated in my career.  My work has only begun, as myself and my physician and executive partners embark on scaling the operation into a massive company.  To say this cuts into my training time, and mental availability, is a drastic understatement. That said, if the program works as planned, in a few short years I can do nothing but vault and train if I choose. ;-)

I'm hitting the training and vaulting as hard as I can on my four day rotation. I need this for my own sanity.  What's interesting is that the time I am spending is not much different than what I have spent the last few years.  I'm confident I can still compete at a high level, but probably I have to accept I may not be in a position to medal in France. That's OK for now.

Example - yesterday I'm setting the garage up to lift and my partner texts me to see if I can be on a conference call regarding lab services with six people on the call.  No problem I say, "When"?  IN TWO MINUTES is the answer!!!  An hour and a half later I'm done but so was my window to finish my lifting.  So I do most of it this morning, but not too much since I want to vault tomorrow.  This will continue to be a frustrating challenge, but in the long run, I can't miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Have a great day!  Bubba

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