Saturday, May 2, 2015

Late Saturday Update!!

After my lift and stretch this morning, I was preparing to go out and vault tomorrow. Change of plans.  I went out this afternoon and jumped.  I really want a full 10 X sleds day and a hard leg/bar lift day tomorrow.  My other concern was if there is a big headwind tomorrow morning like there was today, I'd have to wait until the afternoon to do the long workout.  So I jumped today and will hit the rest hard tomorrow morning.

I was super careful on my run, but jumped 11'/3.35m easily from my 3 left/33'/10m run.  I got to my 4th pole (of a 9 pole series) from that run for the first time in awhile.  It felt so much easier than six weeks ago when I upped my protein and food.  Now I wake up at about 164 instead of 158.  I feel like I might have a shot to have a decent year after all.  Have a great evening  and thanks for checking in.  Bubba

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