Saturday, December 14, 2013


Only one letter separates "Belief" from "Relief", but I have found that one leads to the other.  In the middle of both words is "Lie", which is what you must do to yourself to assure you keep  moving forward.  ;-)  If it were really as hopeless as it sometimes seems we would never start a journey, much less continue.

I have always said if you are impatient you have no confidence in your plan.  With that in mind I kept some lifts that I was going to throw out in an effort to protect my lower back. 

I came out of yesterday's running with only minor soreness so to add on some abuse today I thought might be touchy.  Turns out I felt OK.  I "believe" that this plan will lead me to full health, and I have "relief" because of it.  NOW, I run and lift again tomorrow so we will see.  But for now I am at peace.  Two weeks from today I jump in Belton, Texas.  Hoping for the best.  Have a great day!  Bubba

John Mayer - "Belief" -

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