Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sticky Situation!!

I saw Dr. Rand on Monday and after X-Rays he determined that I needed an injection in my back at the sacroiliac joint (SI Joint).  He said I did not have a muscle running the direction where I am describing my pain, and there is nothing that can cause a catch other than the joint.  Because he injected the joint space it was not that painful.  Once the flare is gone then the muscle feeling issues should leave.

He has advised me to adjust some of my training to more directly involve the muscles and to leave the joints out where I can.  He gave me some really good ideas and suggestions and explained how what I was doing was keeping the flare from going away.  Now with the shot and my new training lessons I should be OK.

My biggest fear was that he would tell me I need six weeks for the muscles to heal but he tests clearly showed that I have no strength deficits.  Basically I'm cleared to do whatever I want as of Friday but  think I will wait until Belton to vault an focus on sleds.  Good news I think!  Thank you for being here!!  Bubba

Van Halen - "Bottoms Up" -

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