Friday, December 6, 2013

Change of Plans Again!!

I've been watching the weather all week and there is between a 60-90% chance of rain for all of Southern California tomorrow.  I rested this entire week so my back would feel better and it did not.  I found a great massage therapist and scheduled to see her this afternoon.  And all of this means?

SO - I blew off the meet tomorrow because I can't afford to get rained out and miss a week of training.  I went out to jump today, and of course there was a horrible headwind.  I had no choice because I had to be done before my massage appointment.

NOW - I only got two jumps in on my 13'7"/165 before I decided not to fight the wind.  Surprisingly I was able to get in bending the pole from 3 lefts/6 steps, and cleared both bars from 4/8, into the headwind even though every other time I have used it I had to go to 5/10.  So into a headwind that is progress.  Very good clean positions but I don't want to risk injury by fighting the wind.  I will lift tomorrow and go to Houston Monday.  Have a great evening!  Bubba

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