Sunday, November 9, 2014

For Those About To Rock?!

I have so many mixed emotions as I work through my training and training plans.  I see on Facebook that time is flying as kids are ready to go for their indoor season and I'm again, not jumping.  What a CRAP year with a hamstring explosion at Reno, re-injured in Colorado Springs and then new dings right after I get back to a decent level of jumping.  I missed more meets this year than ever because I never got well.

You always wonder if you will ever be able to jump again.  Even worse, you ask yourself if you throw in the towel and quit seriously training.  And then other days you just defy logic and say "screw it".  Today was one of those days.

I only ran twice this week because on my day of 6X100 and 4X50, I felt a little plantar fasciitis and knew I needed a break.  I remembered that I only get this when I wear ankle weights on longer reps (never on sleds), but it was too late; I needed a break for a few days.  Dammit!!!!

Today I got to run sleds and the first thing I think is, "I bet 10 sleds will flare a bit, maybe I should do five.  Of course five sleds is my warm up for vaulting, so why not vault after the sleds"?  Message to self - "Are you f'ng stupid you dumbass?"  Answer - "Yes!"

Forget that I don't have my gym bag with tape, spray, knee brace, etc; I grab two poles and crossbar.  I have a 1330 and a 1340 and I'm jogging in from 2 lefts/4 steps and clear 7'6", 8'6" and 9'6" with no pain, or hint of pain anywhere in my body. 

I stop and go to the gym with hyper focus on lifting and bars.  Funny how when you can jump ,these other training components have real urgency.  Don't get me wrong, I do them perfectly even when I can't jump, but today I did them joyfully with hyperfocus. 

I might actually be able to jump again.  Just four weeks ago today I got that shoulder ding in Las Vegas.  The key for me is that no matter what has been going on with my body, I have continued to do lots of running, lifting and bars, and today that conditioning is starting to show up. 

Have a great Sunday and thank you for your support!!  It means a lot to me that you keep checking in no matter how ugly this gets.  Somehow I keep getting up but I have no idea how anymore.  I'm just glad I did today!  Bubba

AC/DC - "For Those About to Rock" -

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