Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reverse Surprise!!

I took 10 days off because of 3-4 weird dings, and today returned to full training in ramp up mode.  Started with sleds w/ankle weights for 2X50, 2X45, 2X40, 2X35 & 2X30.  I felt fast with no limitations.  Huh?  OK - about time I get a nice surprise instead of another body breakdown.

Moved to the gym where I do 3X5 high bar front levers, like you see online except I don't swing at all because that kills the muscular effect.  Then did a set of 7 and a set of 3 parallel bar Bubkas.  So 25 bar exercises after having tennis elbow so bad I couldn't brush my teeth.  I felt NOTHING!!  Like it never happened.  Another nice surprise.

Leg lifts were uneventful as usual and of course I'm not complaining about that.  I have a big upper day tomorrow and then arms/shoulders Wednesday.  Tuesday I repeat today except I run 5X100 and 5X50 with no sled and lighter ankle weights.  After these four days I should have a much better feel for where I really am. 

One thing is apparent; as much as I hated it, 10 days off of everything was the right move.  It reminds me what the great Mike Tully used to tell me about his "rehab" from injuries.  "I go to the store and get a 12 pack of beer and come home and watch TV.  Repeat until I can vault again."  Well I don't drink alcohol, but the 10 days rest sure did the trick.  Thanks for hanging with me.  Bubba

Van Halen - "Standing on Top of the World" -

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