Sunday, February 15, 2015

All About the Twos!!

Big travel week last week so I didn't get a chance to post after I vaulted Thursday. It was a better day in that I hit good hand pressure that resulted in good positions during my vault.  Today was a bit more of the same.  I felt better and faster but didn't jump as well.  M problem is poles and that will be fixed this week.

Here's the deal; at 159-160 my poles feel bigger and that's OK.  The problem is that on my smallest series, the 12'4"/3.75m I have BIG gaps between poles.  So a pole may be to small from one run, but the next one is a little too big from the next stride back.  This week I'm getting four new poles to fill those gaps.

Technically and physically I'm clearly getting better as I'm moving through poles much faster and feeling better on the runway.  The problem is that always seem to be in between poles.  So I feel like I'm two steps forward to got one step back.  As my great friend and former coach Dave Johnston (DJ) used to say "You want to change poles not your jump".  Big gaps make you change your jump and that's just not helpful at dialing in consistency.

I'm totally committed to the process because I know that if I can go back to zero and work my way up through, the technique and physical skills will grow together.  I'm doing a great job of this and keeping my patience, but it's hard with big gaps between poles. I've already jumped 12' 1/2"/3.68m this year on these poles so that makes me feel I can take my time a but too.
Sure I could start on my 13'1"/4m poles which are closer together, but  would have to run from 4 lefts/8 steps to start.  My objective is to at least be over 11' before  get to 4/8 so that's not the best solution.  I need to just go to the bottom and come back up from 2/4.  Have a great day and thanks for being here!  Bubba

Thanks again to my dear friend Dean "The Machine" Gregory for introducing me, and going to a concert with me, of the Winery Dogs - "Elevate" -

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