Sunday, February 22, 2015

Futile Effort!!

Futile Effort! = this kid & me today!
Today my sled felt very heavy?  Why?  I've only been vaulting so I've lost strength and speed.  See yesterday's post.  So on the 3rd sled, my right hamstring didn't grab, but it jumped up and yelled at me to stop, so I did.  I went to the gym and jumped up on the bars.  One #1 my shoulder ached, so I stopped.  Got on the hack squat and on #1 my knee ached, so I stopped.

As bad as this sounds it's really just the signal that I need a phase break for my change of focus as I've gotten the most out of what I was doing.  If I get one good vault day per week and two good lifting and running days, I'll be miles further ahead.

Let's put this in perspective.  I have 5.5 months before the world championships in France and I'm already over 12' 1/2" from 4 lefts/8 steps on a 12' 4"/3.75m pole.  My meet run s 6/12.  With my weight down to 160 lbs. these poles are working well.  That said I have three more coming in Tuesday, which will give me three poles bigger than the one I jumped 12' on.  I would be shocked if 3.65m/11' 11 1/2" didn't get a medal in France, so that needs to be automatic for me.  I think I'm real close to that, and with three poles bigger who knows.

I think being off until Thursday will give these aches and pains a chance to settle down a bit.  My new program is less abusive as it spreads the work out over several days rather than compresses it like when I jump two days.  My nine 12'4" poles are forgiving, yet big enough to jump high on.  I've never had a right hamstring, nor any hamstring strain this mild.  I'll give it three hard weeks to settle in my new training and then get back to jumping.  Have a great Sunday!  Bubba

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