Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dead Man's Party!!

Dead Man's Party is Two Weeks From Today!!  Why a Masters Pole Vault Symposium & Competition?  As masters athletes we face the same challenges of physics as all vaulters, but we are also handicapped by declining power, speed and elasticity of aging.  As my orthopedic surgeon, the late Glen Almquist used to say, "As an elite athlete you walk on a balance beam.  Fall off of one side and you're not progressing, and fall off the other you are hurt.  The older you become the more narrow the beam becomes, AND the further the climb back up on to it.  In short, we have additional issues such as strength/conditioning to prevent and rehab injuries, as well as the need to learn to be more technically efficient to get more out of smaller poles.  I've chosen to call it a "Symposium" because all attendees will be active participants in the discussion. We have over 10 world champions, record holders or medalists attending and we want you to hear from them, and be able to ask your questions.  Our only goal is to answer or give suggestions to YOUR questions.  Of course there will be a meet.  Why would we get together and not do that!!  ;-)  It will be a fun time of vaulter fellowship, learning and vaulting. A salute to us all by
Oingo Boingo - "Dead Man's Party" -

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