Wednesday, June 18, 2014

School's Out?

They are putting the pits away for graduation today so we had our "School's Out" meet.  I was going to lift and run but decided, what the heck, go ahead and try to jump.  At the end of each year, athletes, staff and coaches participate in a fun decathlon so we added an open vault to the festivities.  It's the last chance for some kids to get a school record or personal best.  Of course the pits come back out for the symposium late next week but today they go in.

I decided to follow my words and compete like I practice and practice like I compete.  I started at 9'7" from 33' and made that height, 10'1" and 10'7" on my smallest pole, all on first jumps.  At 11'1" I moved back to 43' and followed my rule of moving up a pole one height before you need it so you have a margin for error.  Made 11'1" on my first attempt an 11'7" on my 2nd.  At 12' I moved back again to 53' and my biggest 12'4" pole.  It was just way too small and that's a good thing as it should be.  I'm not hurt and I should be ready to go to my 13'1" poles as hoped for the symposium.  Thanks for being here!  Bubba

Alice Cooper - "School's Out" -

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