Sunday, June 8, 2014

Success ... I Think?!

Clearing 11' at the Pasadena Senior Games
Yesterday I couldn't quite move the poles from the planned runs I wanted to I was back a stride.  That's not unusual since I've only been able to use them in a stride on one day.  That said, I jumped metric equivalents of about 10', 10'6" and 11' all on first jumps and stopped.  The 10' was on the smallest pole, 12'4"/160/11.9.  The next two were on the 12'4"/165/10.7.

I caught a little bit of a headwind on the 11' jump and probably ran a little hard.  At the top of my extension at take off I felt a kind of slight stretching/mild sting behind my left knee.  Thinking this was probably adhesions breaking free, I stopped.  Probably didn't have to but I had accomplished what I wanted, 11', qualify for National Senior Games next year, and to walk away healthy.

Today is the first time since December 29th that I have come home from a meet to put my poles away and was not hurt.  I have been hurt before but never back to back meets six weeks apart.  Today I felt good; like I could actually jump again.  And for that I'm grateful.  Have a wonderful day!  Bubba

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