Thursday, June 12, 2014

Temporary Relief!!

Fleeting as this feeling is, I will enjoy it while I can!
When I felt that little stretch and sting on my last jump at Pasadena last week, I was really worried that I was probably soon headed for surgery.  What am I supposed to think when I strain my low hamstring behind my knee on January 18, and again on March 2, and now over three months later it's flaring up on a jog in run and vault?  Because I have been feeling it when I make certain moves around the house, I was positive that I would be limping home this morning and setting up and appointment for an MRI with my orthopedic surgeon.  In fact I decided to go out early today rather than wait until this afternoon because I just felt like I needed to know sooner rather than later.

Well, I warmed up with my sleds, started with a very low grip on my smallest pole and jogged in from 33' and made 9'6, 10', 10'6" and 11' with zero issues and stopped.  GRATEFUL!!  Not only was I not hurt but for the first time in many months, I was able to control my vault entirely with hand pressure.  Though I have been vaulting technically well, I've just been swinging as hard as I can.  To jump really high you have to place and keep tension on the pole the entire jump.  Because my grip has been low I haven't been able to find this magic timing.  Today it was there like it had never left.  YAHOOOOO!!!

So concerned was I about this lack of precision timing from hand pressure, I ordered one more smaller 12'4"/3.75m pole from Bruce Caldwell at Essx so I could have a pole I could easily jump on from 2 lefts/4 steps/22'.  This progression is the key to me jumping high and today was a spectacular day for my health and my technique.

At the gym I have been lifting hard every day, alternating lower and upper for 10 days.  Once I do this and take a break, then when I come back and start lifting the same area every 3rd day, I'm immediately stronger.  As expected I felt super strong on all of my lifts today. 

This can all change when I try and repeat this on Sunday, but for right now, I'm going to bask in the glow of a few things finally going right.  Thanks for your support.  PRICELESS!!  Bubba

Chumbawamba - "Tubthumping" -

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