Sunday, March 22, 2015

Execute the Plan!!

I went out today, nervous to try the "List" as Kris and I agreed.  It went very well to a point but I also got some revelations.  From 8'-9'6" things went great.  The pole moved really fast and if I didn't jump up and swing my hips to my hands quickly I'd be into the bar instead of going up the pole.  By 10' I was really having to work to get there as my starting step was a left foot on 36'.  Kris I started at 32' rather than 33' because I was afraid I would have to reach. 

What I noticed was that my right Achilles got sore, which it never does. I normally start of with my right foot because I've had two Achilles surgeries on my left. In any case, mental note made.

Where I got into trouble was at 10'6".  I moved back a stride and still couldn't get to the box from the prescribed mid.  I guess I could have moved back another stride but it seemed I shouldn't have to do that. The bottom line is that I don't have a long stride length anyway, so pushing to get to the box is dangerous.  Actually I stopped because I felt one more attempt would strain my groin.

So the lesson learned is that I will forget about the mids, but match up the list grip to the list bar height to assure great pole speed.  Turned out I was only gripping about 2" higher than the list anyway so I was glad of that.  I can start from 2 lefts if I want as long as my grip matches the list bar height.

Overall it was great to be slamming my swing off of a stiff body at the top of my jump off of the ground.  Very rhythmical with great line ups.  I got in 13 jumps and most were pretty clean technically.  I can build off of this as long as I follow the precautions just listed.  I think that's just an age thing.  Thanks a ton Kris! Bubba

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