Thursday, March 12, 2015

Long Jump Day!!

Part of my overhaul for this light weight (158-160) is to have a pole I could start at from 2 lefts/4 steps or 22'. I was able to jump 10' and almost 10'6" so that felt like progress.  Made 10'6" and 11' from 3/6/33' run.

Technically fairly hit and miss with no real constant solid hand pressure jumps, but I'm sure that will be back next session.  The surprise was I got in 16 jumps.  Normal I'm 6-9 jumps so I guess this shows my harder lifting and running is helping my endurance. 

I had no pain and it was really nice to have an extended jump session, no matter how low the level.  Have a great day and thanks for your support! Bubba

Queen - "Tie Your Mother Down" -

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