Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Just Don't Know!!

Training has been going well.  I'm stronger and faster.  My run has moved back a foot.  Today I jumped from 23', 33' and 43' = 13 jumps.  I'm jumping fairly well just not all of that high. 

I make 11' every day from 3 lefts/6 steps/33' which is fine, but I'm still fishing for constant hand pressure on the bigger poles.  If I hit it and hold it I blow through and the grip is too low.  If I hit and release I either bail out or don't get in well.  I

've come to the conclusion I just need to blow the pole away every jump and never let the pressure off.  Have a wonderful evening and thanks for checking in.  Bubba

Midnight Oil - "Burning Beds" -

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