Sunday, March 29, 2015


I didn't lift legs Thursday because I had taken 16 jumps and wanted to try and jump again today.  I felt flat, which is an indicator I should have lifted.  Remember me commenting that I recover faster when I lift after?  I need to remember that.

In any case, had a big headwind and feeling crappy, I took 9 jumps and called it quits.  That used to be a good day. Had to be back a stride to use a small pole and still had to work too hard to get in.

This said, technically I'm getting some consistency and confidence in my jumps.  I was going to start using 4m poles on my fresh day Thursday but I may choose to stay here on the 3.75s.  We will have to see.  Thanks for your support.  I will carry on!  Bubba

Living Colour - "Open Letter to a Landlord" - Vernon Reid is a GREAT guitarist.  I read where another famous guitarist said he was the only one he knew that could name every note as he played it, no matter how fast he played -

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