Thursday, May 15, 2014

1st Day Back - DING!

Went out to jump and felt surprisingly good from the stuff I did on the ship.  Couldn't quite move my smallest pole from 2 lefts/22' so after two attempts I went to 3/33'.  A little rust technically but then got three very good jumps in a row.  On #5 I felt a little pain under the left rear deltoid from where I was doing those straight arm front levers a the gym.  On #2 I felt it more so I stopped.  I cleared 9'6"/2.90-11'/3.35m very easily on my smallest pole. 

SO, that's it.  I stop until I jump in my meet on June 7, where I will only take my three 12'4/3.75m poles.  I just need a qualifying mark for next Year's National Senior Games so I'll cruise easy. I'm really committed to working slowly back through all of my poles so at this point I have no ide when I will get back to the 14'1/4.30m poles.  I was hoping for Grand Haven but who knows at this point.  Have a great day and thanks for hanging in with this misery!  Bubba

Ted Nugent - "Stranglehold - Live" -

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