Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ying & Yang!!

As much as I felt beat up from the grind yesterday, somehow today I felt stronger while lifting, like I'm on a rebound and gaining strength again.  For the first time I could also do all of the overhead lat stuff that hurt the last time I jumped.  My meet is two weeks from today so I feel a little optimistic.  That said I will still only take my three smallest poles.

EXTREME change in my life as yesterday I found out my biggest business contract in Denver is going to wind down.  I have other business there but I'm guessing that the majority of my future work will be done right here in my own backyard. 

Of course I still have national connections but the upshot of this is that I shouldn't have to travel as much after the first or mid July.  Of course initially that means less money, but also less travel expense and less time away from home and training.  In 90 to 180 days the ship should be totally righted with my base business near home.  That's life and I intend to rebound here as well.  Thanks and have a great day!

Foo Fighters - "Times Like These" -

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