Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coming Home!!

Not quite yet!
In less than 12 hours I will get picked up to head to the airport for the loooong journey home from Istanbul, Turkey.  Not real fond of a four hour layover in Munich but it is what it is.

For the past two weeks I've done the best I can to get some type of relative movement in each day.  Much of my daily running has been up and down hallways in the hotel or ship.  Both my running and lifting have been abbreviated but focused.

Basically I run 5X50m every day with ankle weights, and alternated lifting 10,8,6,4,2 with little rest on my sets and exercises.  Lower one day, upper the next and repeat.  Long story short, these were some of the toughest mental challenges because you just flat don't feel like doing it.  But as Rush sings in this song, "You Don't Get Something for Nothing" - 

Enjoy your day and thanks for your support.  Happy Mothers Day to you and yours!  Bubba

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