Saturday, May 3, 2014


I'm on a cruise vacation but got my first hard leg lift in today.  Tomorrow I will hit my running, upper lifts and stretching.

Below is what I posted on Facebook today about the upcoming masters vault symposium I am hosting on June 28.  Please "Friend" me on Facebook under "Bubba Sparks".  If you're not familiar with this process, I have over 2,000 "friends" from around the world, 99% pole vaulers.  Because of this I have constant updates and postings of the video of top vaulters around the world.  In fact, we saw the world record within five minutes of the actual jump.  No  more waiting and hoping TV will show something.  Join Facebook and get the inside view of vaulting.  Have a great day!  Bubba
NEED TO START GETTING A HEAD COUNT - As the Masters Pole Vault Symposium & Competition is less than two months away, I need to start getting an idea of how many we have committed to coming so we can plan food and other activities. The event is Saturday, June 28 in Dana Point, California. There is no cost for the event or the meal activities in this first year. In fact if you come the first year... you will never have to pay. On Friday evening we will have a meet/greet from 6-9 PM at my home. How many will you be bringing? The event itself is for masters vaulters and coaches, but of course others may attend. How many will be there besides you? Saturday evening we are having a BBQ/Dinner from 6-10. How many will be attending? Sunday morning we will have a continental style breakfast for those who wish to get together to talk about 2015. How many will be there? Please email me your responses to so we can start making a list. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you. BTW - LOTS of hotels in different price ranges in our area. Just Google Dana Point California Hotels. Our area is popular for it's beaches, shopping and whale watching so there are plenty of things families can do.

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