Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change of Plans - No Meet

In Texas football trumps all. I grew up here and played football for years so I understand. Our meet scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed until 10/9 (when I will be on vacation) because the University Texas vs. UCLA game has been moved up to early afternoon making officials tough to come by. I'm fine with it as that will give me some more consistent training.

Next week will be challenging in that I am in Florida on Monday and Tuesday, do my normal local travel day on Wednesday, and then leave for our annual vacation in Maine on Friday. That said I'll jump on schedule on Thursday/Sunday/Thursday. I will miss a couple of upper lifting sessions but I can afford that more than missing the running, jumping and lower lifts.

I get back on 10/9 and have the Texas Senior Games three weeks later. There's a great 70m grated hill in front of the house in Maine and I will lift at the YMCA a few days also. I usually do each three times. I always come back from Maine feeling like I've had a week of good training, caught up on my business computer and well rested.

Today it's raining and may still be raining Thursday and if that's the case I'll stay on schedule and skip the vaulting component. My body feels good so I'll just chill out and stick to my regular routines. That's it for today. Thank you so much for caring! Bubba

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