Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm torn about what to do at practice tomorrow because it is the last day I will vault before my meet next Saturday. It's a no big deal meet but I haven't jumped in one since indoor nationals at the end of March. I'm sure my warm up will tell me, but I've got two choices; 1) start from 4 steps on my smallest 4m (13' 1") pole and move through quickly to see how far I can get through those poles from 6 steps OR; 2) start on a mid sized 4m' pole from 6 steps and try to get through those last four poles in that series. I'm leaning toward option #2 because I just spent a month at the option #1.

Why does it matter? If I start in the middle and work through the biggest poles then I will take only my 14' 1" (4.30M) poles to Austin. The smallest on is very manageable from 8 steps. In fact I don't even take it to meets because it's too small. This would be the preferred option because that would put me back where I was the day I got the little ding with Kris. Considering that by meet day that it will have been 5.5 weeks, I'll be 100%. I'll let you know tomorrow what happens but that is the best case scenario.

If that's the preferred option then why wouldn't I just commit to it? The last session I jumped from 6 steps on a pole that is normally too small from 4 steps. In other words, I was overcautious on my run so I wouldn't have to hit the take off so hard. I still think I'll shoot for the big 4ms from 6 but I'll really need to be more dependent upon body angles and mechanics than runway speed to feel safe yet productive. It will be a good exercise to make me face my demons technically.

Have a great day and thank you again for your support! Bubba

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