Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maturity Sucks

Warming up today I felt good and quick but a little weak behind my left knee in the lower hamstring. This is pretty common when I've bumped up my running speed, gone to longer runs, or bigger poles. Ashley says that the muscles aren't firing in sequence correctly so they can't protect themselves. The late great orthopedic surgeon and friend, Dr. Glen Almquist, used to tell me that it is like "sunburn". When you go out and get sunburned you stay out of the sun until it goes away and then ease back into it. That's why you get fried at the first of the summer and are tanned by the end. Your body gets used to it in doses.

All of this said, I stopped jumping about 1/2 way through my warm up today because I felt I was at risk of getting a ding that could keep me out for another four weeks. I did get my running done but at a lower level. Don't get me wrong, I feel good and am close to being ready to get in some big jumps, but my body hasn't completely recovered from the last two sessions on the bigger poles. I'm fine with that in the big picture, but for today it sucks since I really was looking forward to jumping. Have a wonderful Sunday! Bubba

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