Friday, November 19, 2010

Age Graded Meets

Tomorrow is and age graded meet and that is a form of handicapping like a golfer has. It takes the mark you make today and compares that to what it would equate to as if you were an open/elite athlete. Very detailed and complicated formulas are used to calculate how much strength, speed and power are lost as you age. Then those factors are measured against world records and other data to give you a mark today, and then tells you what it would be in your prime.

So for me, a 57 year old man to vault 4m (13' 1 1/2") equates to a 5.63m (18' 5 3/4') vault in my prime. Since my lifetime PR was 5.51m (18' 1"), then I am currently winning the aging game. Here is the link to check out your own marks.

So for tomorrow's meet, the winner will have the highest age graded mark. If 70 year old Don Islet vaults 3.20m (10' 6") he will get 5.69m or 18' 8" and his mark would beat my 5.63m at 4m. Fun change of pace. Have a fun day! Bubba

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