Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changes in the Air

Been working on a business adjunct for the company and it may require a change of scenery to Florida. I've know this is a possibility for a month or so but I should know in a few days. On my last visit I checked with the university in this city and was invited to vault there. We'll see if, when, and whether, it is short term or long term in the coming month. Until then, go with my normal routine and plan.

I was thinking in the garage yesterday that I am such a contradiction on this blog. Or am I? Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, points out that a plane on the way to Hawaii is off course 99% of the time but makes a constant series of small corrections and safely lands there. This blog allows me to lay out ideas and then see how they play out. Many times the result completely changes my mind about what I was certain would work. But, that's fine as long as the results are there. So thank you for your tolerance.

Speaking of my garage, at my guitar lesson yesterday, my teacher told me that he too lifts in his garage. Obviously the main topic then was not the training, but the change in the weather and what fans and space heaters have worked in the past. Pretty funny.

Have a great day and thanks for hanging with me! Bubba

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