Monday, November 15, 2010

Weird Lift Day

The painters finish up today so again the garage is cluttered with their crap so I can't lift there. I went to the gym and WOW, I guess that Monday is the day that everybody goes to the gym. What a zoo. I did my best but mainly focused on stretching. I do bench/incline/overhead press in a Smith Machine at home to protect my shoulders. The gym has only one and of course it was busy. Free bench and machines just feel weird and that's not something I want to push right now.

Every year I say I'm going to switch from the garage to the gym for those two days but I always end up staying. I have some bars in my backyard that I use those days, plus I like the mental discipline of surviving both the heat and the cold. Actually I hate it when I do it but it reminds me that I can succeed no matter what the conditions. Today is cold and rainy but in a month or two this will feel warm.

The gym may feel too cushy but next year I will in fact move everything to the gym because I will do a lot more Gauntlet (StairMaster with actual stairs) and bike as I will also run intervals three days at the track. I'll also lift heavier with fewer lifts. But for this year I will stay where I am.

I know it sounds strange with a championship year coming up but I am already working on my 2012 program. Why? This next year I will be 58 and near the top of my age group. In 2013 I will be 60 and the youngest. This year and next is to set me up for 2013. Our plan is very good for this year/next but it is really only a checkpoint on the way to 2013. I will enjoy it one day at a time. Have a great day! Bubba

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