Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Lift Day!!

I always dread my first hard lift day after a big meet because I never know if I will be strong or weak.  Fortunately it was strong today.  Hit my benchmark numbers in bench easy - 8X165, 6X185 & 4X205.  Another week or so and I will hit a 1 or 2 set at 225.  My other supporting lifts and stretching were good as well.

My schedule is cleaning up as it looks like I will go Reno on 1/17, jump an outdoor al comers in SoCal a few weeks later, then indoors at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, followed  by the University of Minnesota the next week.  The only "casualty" is Albuquerque, if they even have that special event.

Also I have three new poles on the way.  About a month ago Bruce Caldwell at Essx was sending me three poles smaller than my first three 14'1" poles.  I asked him to hold off since I had 13'7" poles at those same equivalent flexes and hoped to need bigger ones later.  Later is now.  In Belton my biggest 13'7" was too small from 63' so I now have a 16.7, and a 15.8 on its' way, and they are making me a 16.2-3.

Hope everyone ad a great new year.  All the best to you and thank you for your continued support!  Bubba

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