Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Off To a Shaky Start to 2014!!

The first pieces of the 2014 puzzle are in place!!
Very good quality running, bars and lift this morning.  In fact my hands are so shaky from that session I can barely type.  I went ahead and listened to my body and took three full days off instead of two, and I really felt physically much more able to give a full effort than had I started while I was still to beat up.

This is going to be a tough five days before I leave town for Denver next Monday.  I will come back and blast Thursday-Sunday of next week and then I'm on the road again Monday through Wednesday.  I head to Reno the Thursday after I return.

I think my plan is very good.  I learned what I needed to know in Belton and have three more bigger poles on the way.  Now it comes down to being very sharp but fresh and strong, combined with my ability to hit the longer poles.  So far so good, BUT it IS only 10:20 AM on New Years Day.  Have a great day and New Year! Bubba

Midnight Oil - "Beds Are Burning" -  This song plays during a section of Jan Johnson's Sky System II.  I have heard t so many times I can picture every photo, video and transition as I hear the song.

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